Apollo Rising Share ‘Where Are We Going’ Music Video

Apollo Rising, a Canadian alternative electronic duo formed by producer, pianist and vocalist Danick Coutu and drummer Colvin Gallant, have just shared the official music video for their latest single Where Are We Going, a catchy indie/pop-rock song. 
I am really enjoying the warmth of the song, especially Danick Coutu's vocals, lush piano chords and bright synths. Directed and produced by Novoviso Production, the band worked together to merge the song and visuals together. Depicting the band struggling to re-discover their love and passion for music, the music video captures themes of “depression, addiction, disillusionment, and the power of choice”. The video shows off stunning aerial shots of the band performing, surrounded by colorful autumn scenery contrasted by the grimy alleyway shots. The visuals illustrate the juxtaposition between the hopeful and euphoric chorus with the skeptical, uncertainty of the verses. The video was shot entirely in their hometown of Ottawa, Canada. Check it out below!