Anto Dust Shares New Single ‘A Larkin’

Anto Dust, the moniker of London-based, Italian singer, musician and composer Anto Cossu, has just shared her brand new single A Larkin, a pristine dream-pop gem out now via Dust Factory Productions.
As soon as I heard her celestial vocals I knew I was going to love this song and I hope you will too. Anto Dust's beautifully infuse the song with a dreamy, ethereal touch that instantly makes it a memorable and enthralling listening experience. A Larkin is an ode to her favourte poet, but also her favourite man, to whom she sings “you can call me home”. Anto Dust's ethereal vocals and beautifully-crafted lyrics are nicely backed by a clean and clear production which features intricate guitar riffs nicely intertwined with warm, dreamy rhythms, expansive synths, catchy beat and emotive piano chords that create an overall dreamy, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!