ZHANGYE Shares Debut Single ‘When I Was Young’

Time to dance! Chinese DJ, music producer, well-known venture capitalist, and founder of Cyanhill Capital, ZHANGYE makes his music debut with the release of his very first single When I Was Young, the title track of his debut EP, out now via Cyanhill Music. 
As soon as I heart Julia Ross's pure, emotional vocals I knew I was in for a treat and I was not mistaken. When I Was Young is a high-energy piece of Progressive House music that is packed with tons of emotion and energy guaranteed to get you dancing in no time. As the title implies, When I Was Young has a nostalgic touch, where Julia reminisces about the good old times, allowing for her vocals to soar effortlessly over the upbeat electronic production. I am particularly fond of the emotive, House piano keys and punchy percussion that instantly gave me a much-needed dose of energy to get through my day. This song screams summer festivals and I think it will keep you warm during these cold winter days. Check it out below!