Vezza Shares New Single ‘We Won’t Apologize’ ft. Carly Moffa

Vezza, the project of Southern New Jersey-based Anthony Vezza, has just shared his brand new single We Won't Apologize, the latest single to be taken from his debut album, I'm Not Ready, out now. 
For this song Vezza teamed up with fellow singer Carly Moffa, whose lovely, expressive vocals fit beautifully with Vezza's distinctive tone and effortlessly enhance the emotion of their storytelling. Originally written over voice memos and text messages, We Won't Apologize is a captivating pop duet about the end of a relationship and how both are better off on their own, a relatable message that is beautifully conveyed through their lovely vocals. I am particularly fond of how expressive and packed with emotion Carly Moffa's vocals are and how both her vocals and Vezza's glide beautifully over a polished production packed with cool guitar riffs nicely paired with warm rhythms and an infectious beat that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!