updog Shares New Single ‘what’s updog’

Danish artist updog has just shared his brand new single what's updog, a brooding piece of pop/rock music out now via CloudKid. 
I am really enjoying the contrast between his smooth vocals and gritty guitar riffs which just makes the song stand out even more from others out htere. what's updog is a dark, moody and brooding piece of alt/pop-rock music packed with a killer beat, punchy drums, soaring guitars and infectious electronic elements. updog's dynamic vocal delivery is quite captivating and you can feel the passion and emotion pouring from his vocals, soaring effortlessly over the energetic production. I am also very fond of the acoustic guitar riffs in the end that break down the dark atmosphere of the song. If you're into moody and brooding pieces of alt-rock music with smooth vocals, strong rhythms, punchy beat and soaring guitars, then you'll love what's updog. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, updog said,
This song is meant to act as a ‘checking in on your self’ type of song. I personally always find it therapeutic to do a proper, meta level check-in on my mental state once in a while especially with this project. I wanted my first release of 2022 to be introspective, a conversation with myself, one where I reckon a lot of people naturally have with themselves quite regularly, too. I also decided to include the ‘what’s updog? ‘as it’s the most obvious tagline that comes to mind with this as it’s a pretty comical concept. I thought it was time to own that phrase in a more serious way, in relation to my artistry.