The January Lanterns Share New Single ‘Lantern of Love’

The January Lanterns, the project of American husband and wife duo consisting of Andrew and Kristen Camp, have just shared their brand new single Lantern of Love, a lovely blend of folk and country music. 
Taken from their debut album For the Kids, When They're Older, which is out now, Lantern of Love tells the story of a young couple growing older together. As they grow up, they realise that the plans they had for their lives are drastically different than reality, making them to reflect on their original love for each other and their growing selflessness in tandem with life's hardships. 
This is a song that encourages the listeners to live their lives with more love, joy and purity of heart for beauty and kindness. This lovely message is beautifully conveyed through Andrew's gorgeous vocals and how they are nicely joined by Kristen's smooth tone, creating dreamy and soothing harmonies. I am very fond of the chorus, which is perfect to sing along to, making the song even more of a memorable listening experience. What I like the most about the melodies has to be the intricate guitar and banjo riffs that are nicely paired with steady percussion, creating an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for those relaxing days home with one's thoughts. Check it out below!