The HooDoo Loungers Share New Single ‘So Beautiful’

American band The HooDoo Loungers have just shared their brand new single So Beautiful, the title track of their new album which is out now via Paradiddle Records! 
I am really enjoying the uplifting, live band energy of the song which instantly got me in a good mood. The HooDoo Loungers take their inspiration from the Gri Gri of Dr. John to the Swingin’ Rock N’ Roll of Fats Domino. They blend it all together with a bit of classic soul and New Orleans Swing and come up with their own original musical gumbo and So Beautiful is the perfect example of that. I am particularly fond of the confident, soulful vocals that soar over a polished production packed with lush horns and lively piano chords that create an overall feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!