Suzy Callahan Unveils New Single ‘Home Sweet Home (H-E-L-L)’

Maryland-based singer and songwriter Suzy Callahan has just shared her brand new single Home Sweet Home (H-E-L-L), a warm andi ntimate piece of pop/folk music. 
Out now via Scared Guy Music, Home Sweet Home (H-E-L-L) tells a relatable story that juxtaposes the country motif of the broken home with the pandemic-prison home. Suzy Callahan sings about how much the pandemic changed our feelings about home, as before the pandemic it was our place of refuge but during lockdowns it became many people's private hell. This message is beautifully conveyed through Suzy's lovely, evocative vocal delivery that soars brightly over a polished production packed with intricate guitar riffs nicely intertwined with emotive piano chords that create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic atmosphere. Check it out below!