Sianon Shares New Single ‘Is There Ever Any Going Back For Us?’

British singer and songwriter Sianon has just shared her brand new single Is There Ever Any Going Back For Us?, an infectious pop song out now via Family Values. 
Taken from Sianon's upcoming EP, Now That It's Over, Is There Every Any Going Back For Us? is a song about the second stage following a breakup, when you see the other person already moving on with someone new, yet you're still hopeful that you can get back together. This message is beautifully conveyed through Sianon's dulcet tone which beautifully infuse the song with a memorable touch of vulnerability and emotion. I am also very fond of the chorus which is perfect to sing along to and how catchy the production sounds, being packed with an infectious beat nicely paired with cool guitar riffs and emotive piano chords that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



On the new single, Sianon says,
The second stage of the whole break-up process. The reality that the “I’m sorry, I miss you phone…” phonecall isn’t going to happen is sinking in, and it seemed that that person was in fact already moving on with someone new. I still hoped it wasn’t true and that it was indeed all one big mistake, I hated hearing my friends say it how it was and clung on to this denial of them not knowing ‘about our situation’. 
The rest of the song then follows the things I did to cope with my ex moving on with someone new so quickly, “so I’ve been writing songs and getting wasted”. It portrays all of the feelings that come with not being the first to move on; jealousy, upset and the feeling of betrayal as ‘moving on looks easy on you, but moving on ain’t easy for me’, I felt like the relationship had meant way more to me as I didn’t want to give it up and still hoped it could work despite everything. "