Shelly Peled Shares New Single ‘Another Life’ ft. Kesem Fine

Tel Aviv-based artist, singer and performer Shelly Peled has just shared her brand new single Another Life, a cool electro-pop song featuring fellow Israeli rapper Kesem Fine. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Shelly Peled's vocals and how dynamic her vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the warm electro-pop production. I am particularly fond of the dark electro-pop elements and how they allow for Shelly Peled's vocals and storytelling to stand out. In Another Life Shelly Peled sings about finding your way in life and trusting yourself without relying on others and I love how her lovely vocals are nicely paired with Kesem Fine's warm tone and slick rap flow. This is a blend of dark electro-pop with hip-hop elements that creates an overall warm atmosphere that I think you will enjoy! 
Accompanying the release, Shelly Peled has shared its official music video, directed by her husband Alon Peled, which helps bring viewers closer to the story behind the song. Check it out below!