Schoonebeek & Aestie Share New Single ‘Raum & Zeit’

Schoonebeek, the alias of German producer Björn Schönebeck, formerly known under the alias Bjørn Beck, has teamed up with fellow German artist Aestie to deliver his brand new single Raum & Zeit, a captivating piece of electronic music out now via Guesstimate. 
I am loving the dreamy, ethereal-like vocals which beautifully infuse the song with a touch of emotion while also giving it a hypnotic and vulnerable touch that I find quite captivating. Apart from the lovely vocals, I am particularly fond of the killer beat nicely paired with thick synths and wistful chord progressions that create a warm, relaxing atmosphere. I am really fond of the synth works and how they give the song a hazy vibe that is joined by cool, groovy rhythms that gave me the urge to get up and dance. Raum & Zeit is a gorgeous piece of Melodic Techno & House that oozes carefree, Saturday night vibes. Check it out below!