Saven Shares New Single ‘Tell Me When You Dream’

Swedish alt-rock singer and songwriter Saven has just shared his brand new single Tell Me When You Dream, a retro-infused piece of dreamy indie-folk song. 
I am a fan of Saven's rich, deep vocals and how they effortlessly draw the listeners' attention to his storytelling. Tell Me When You Dream is a new folk song with an old fashioned 1950’s vibe that will make you think twice before you dismiss your dreams. His vocal delivery sounds very natural, gliding beautifully over the chilled out production. I am particularly fond of the lush acoustic guitar plucks and how they are nicely paired with subtle drums, simple electric guitar and light gentle tones from a xylophone that instantly create a breezy, laid-back atmosphere. This is one of those songs perfect to get you in a relaxed mood, sounding also great for those introspective days home alone. Check it out below!