RIVER Share New Single ‘Someday’

Hamburg-based duo RIVER have just shared their brand new single Someday, a groovy piece of indie-pop music. 
The band's fourth single so far, Someday features a glittering retro groove that instantly got me in a good mood and I think you will enjoy it too. The upbeat touch of the melody is contrasted by the first line of the lyrics, "All my friends are dead", briefly exchanging exuberance for melancholy: two opposites that always have a special place in the duo’s music. I am really enjoying those smooth vocals and how they glide effortlessly over the infectious melodies. Someday shares a positive message of better days, better times to come, a message that is wrapped around a polished production packed with funky guitar riffs nicely paired with lush, bright synths, creating an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere that reminds me of relaxing late summer days. Check it out below!