Richard Walters Shares New Single ‘Handful of Bees’

British singer and songwriter Richard Walters has just shared his brand new single Handful of Bees, an enchanting piece of acoustic/indie-folk music out now via Pilotlights Music. 
Taken from his 3-track EP, Pale June which is out now, Handful of Bees is an elegant and cinematic piece of music inspired by he internet ‘bee-lady’ sensation Erika Thompson, whose daring bee relocation videos went viral during lockdown. I am completely hypnotised by Richard Walters's lush, emotive vocals which instantly make me feel each and every single word he is singing. There's somewhat of a sense of longing pouring from his vocals that I find quite endearing and it is enhanced by the polished production packed with lush, cinematic strings that create an overall warm and emotive atmosphere perfect for a reflective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Richard Walters said,
I became obsessed with those videos; there was something so calming and comforting about watching her manavoure through this chaos with such seemed pretty apt during the lockdowns. I loved the idea that people can be that volatile and unpredictable, sometimes they just need the right approach to be saved, to be lifted out of their situation.