Rah Figgy Shares New Single ‘Drive’

American artist Rah Figgy has just shared his brand new single Drive, a super smooth Contemporary R&B track about being in a toxic relationship.
Rah Figgy seamlessly blends elements of R&B, rock and hip-hop that make his music quite memorable and beautifully showcases his versatility and originality as an artist with Drive being a perfect example of that. I am very fond of his raw, honest vocal delivery which instantly draws the listener to his relatable storytelling of jumping from a toxic relationship to another, not being able to break that cycle. This message is nicely wrapped around a polished production packed with a memorable trap-infused beat and subtle piano keys that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Rah Figgy said,
Ever been addicted to a toxic relationship? Like you know the shit driving you crazy but in the end its like....it ain't so bad ....is it? That's what the line "Sunsets start dimming those clouds, but dark clouds turn city lights bright" Each verse ends with "watch how we moving moving code 730 on the highway" referencing the cop code when being called to deal with insane person." I been in nothing but toxic relationships ...back to back...and I found myself being free of one only to be chained up in another.