Rachel Goode Shares New Single ‘I’m Loving Me’

Galway-based singer and songwriter Rachel Goode has just shared her brand new single I'm Loving Me, an upbeat piece of pop music perfect to get you dancing in no time. 
I'm Loving Me is Rachel Goode's entry song for Ireland's National Eurovision Selection, where 6 songs will compete to represent Ireland in this year's Eurovision in Italy. Just before reading this information I instantly got Eurovision vibes and if you're an Eurovision fan you will really enjoy I'm Loving Me. This is an anthemic pop song with thundering synths, punchy percussion and a distinct 80s vibe that allows for Rachel Goode's rich, powerful vocals to soar beautifully over upbeat melodies that will make you want to dance in no time. I am particularly fond of the way the song builds up with energy and tempo, exploding into a highly addictive and anthemic chorus that got me singing along to it while dancing. 
I'm Loving Me has all the makings to be one of those fun, iconic Eurovision entries and now it's all in the hands of the Irish public to send it through to Italy. Eurovision or not, I'll be listening to this song quite often as it has brighten up my day and made me forget of all my worries for a while. Check it out below!