On the Phone Share Debut Single ‘Wind Chimes’

On the Phone, the Danish/Portuguese duo consisting of Portuguese musician and photographer João de Botelho and Danish musician, clairvoyant healer and former film director Lasse Martinussen, make their official music debut with the release of their enchanting first single Wind Chimes
Wind Chimes is a cinematic dream-pop gem that instantly makes me envision listening to it during an emotional scene in an epic movie. I can tell that this song has Portuguese blood as it effortlessly captures that sense of melancholy very characteristic to being Portuguese. Wind Chimes beautifully conveys the essence of On the Phone: calm and melancholic art paired with angelic vocals wrapped in cinematic visuality. I can't stop playing this song as with each listen I continue to be flooded with so many emotions that, though sad, I don't want to let go of. Those smooth vocals are packed with raw emotion which is enhanced by the emotive piano chords and dramatic, cinematic strings that together create an overall warm and melancholic atmosphere. This is such an impressive debut and I can't wait to hear more from this amazing duo. Check it out below!