Olivia Wik Shares New Single ‘Let's Dance’

Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Wik has just shared her brand new single Let's Dance, an upbeat retro-pop song. 
Written by Wik and produced by ‘Towers’ (Brad Simons and Brandon Unis), Let’s Dance beautifully showcases Olivia Wik's sultry vocals and relatable storytelling abilities which soar effortlessly over a memorable production. I am particularly fond of the strong horns and how they enhance the song's timeless, retro-pop vibes paired with a deep bass and modern pop sensibilities. Let's Dance is a romantic song packed with tons of soul and warm rhythms that create an overall uplifting, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Olivia Wik said, 
This was a rare moment where the song came to me fully-formed in my head. I knew what it had to sound like, what I wanted to say, and how it had to be said. ‘Let’s Dance’ is all about having a connection so intense that when you’re finally allowed to have an intimate moment with someone, it feels like full electricity. This song lives in the heat of that moment with someone.