NORÐIR Share New Single ‘How To Sail Your Ship (2077)’

NORÐIR, a Germany-based duo consisting of Viktor (born in Siberia) and Lars (born in Malaysia), are back with their brand new single How To Sail Your Ship (2077), a hypnotic piece of indietronica music. 
I am very fond of the warm, passionate vocals which are packed with so much emotion, soaring effortlessly over the dreamy electronic production. I am very fond of their distinct sonority that blends 80s synths, 60s psychedelic soundscapes with modern indie-pop arrangements. How To Sail Your Ship (2077) shows NORÐIR travelling to the the year 2077 and Viktor meeting his older self in his 80s, the last chapter of his life. The lyrics are what his older self is telling him. This message is wrapped around a polished production with lush synths, steady beat and bright atmospherics that make this quite a striking piece of dreamy indietronica music perfect for a relaxing, introspective day home alone. Accompanying the release, NORÐIR have shared its official music video that beautifully embodies the song's message and atmosphere. Check it out below!