Matty Reynolds Shares New Single ‘bed head fever’

New York-based singer and songwriter Matty Reynolds has just shared his brand new single bed head fever, a super groovy and energetic piece of indie-pop music about being fed of with keeping up with one's social life, but also loving it at the same time. 
I am loving the energy of the song and how it has somewhat of an anthemic vibe that instantly got me singing along to it and I think you will enjoy it too. I am a fan of Matty's distinctive vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, enhancing the emotion of his storytelling and effortlessly connecting us to it. I am also very fond of the intricate acoustic guitar riffs which are beautifully paired with punchy drums, creating an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. This is one of those songs that I'd play whenever I want to unwind after a stressful day, thanks to its upbeat and joyful atmosphere. Check it out below!