Madam Bandit Shares New Single ‘Punch You In The Face’

Californian singer and songwriter Madam Bandit has just shared her brand new single Punch You In The Face, the third single (And title track) of her forthcoming EP. 
Out now via Blue Morph Music, Punch You In The Face is a big, tongue-in-cheek and in-your-face piece of music that depicts the anger towards the way women are treated everyday thanks to the existence of patriarchy. The song was written about her own experience as a female musician, but is also broadly applied to the female experience in this world. This message is wrapped around a somewhat quirky electro-pop production packed with groovy rhythms and catchy percussion that create the perfect atmosphere for Madam Bandit's distinctive vocals to shine. 
Speaking about the song, Madam Bandit said,
"Punch You in the Face" is palpable anger at the ridiculousness that women face in their everyday lives thanks to the existence of patriarchy. Like Taylor Swift's "The Man", the song was written about Madam Bandit's experience of being a female musician, but also applies broadly to the female experience of trying to navigate all the obstacles women face simply being female, including frequent unwanted gender-based harassment and not being taken seriously despite talent and drive.
Accompanying the release, Madam Bandit has shared its captivating music video which beautifully embodies the song's playful, yet in-your-face atmosphere. Check it out below!