Kay Seeyen Shares New Single ‘You’re Mine You’

British producer Kay Seeyen starts the new year with a memorable and enthralling piece of music titled You're Mine You
This is something I wasn't actually expecting and with each listen I get to experience something new. This gem samples Gloria Lynn's 1961 rendition of You're Mine You and is a funky blend of classic soul, disco and hip-hop elements. I love how the song starts with the classic and cinematic touch of the original with Gloria Lynn's vocals soaring beautifully over a blend of lush, cinematic strings and a groovy beat. 
Kay Seeyen took the best parts of the original sample and combined beautiful string elements with a plucky guitar hook, a four in the floor thudding kick and killer percussion. What I love the most about the song has to be the groovy beat and the lush strings which just give the song a magical touch that I find quite captivating. The end result is a fresh piece of music that is guaranteed to get you in a good, relaxed mood in no time. Check it out below!