Joplyn Shares New Single ‘I WON'T STAY’

German upcoming songwriter, vocalist DJ and producer Joplyn has just shared her brand new single I WON'T STAY, an infectious Melodic Techno & House music out now via None Of The Above - N.O.T.A. Berlin. 
I am really enjoying the dreamy, ethereal-like vocals which are quite distinctive and soar beautifully the captivating electronic production. I WON'T STAY is a song about realising that nothing is forever, and the only things we can truly hold on are the memories of the past. This song shares a message of how life keeps evolving and moving, being wrapped around a polished Melodic Techno & House production. 
I am particularly fond of the Deep and warm synths that create an expansive and melancholic atmosphere. This song features lush synth pads nicely paired with steady percussion and staccato analogue synthline that beautifully back Joplyn's dreamy falsetto and emotive high emotional vocal melodies. There's something hypnotic about the song that keeps making me come back to it over and over again and I think you will too. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Joplyn said,
“I Won’t Stay” is about the transient nature of existing. The fact, that nothing is forever, and that identity only stays the same by moving and evolving. Hence, the only thing tangible to hold on to are the memories of the past. Still, even those are bendable and able to assume new shapes and forms. “Let the past melt into something lifelong. ‘Cause I know I Won’t. I Won’t Stay.”