Jake Whiskin Shares New Single ‘Satanic Panic Love Song’

British indie singer and songwriter Jake Whiskin has just shared his brand new single Satanic Panic Love Song, a nostalgia-drenched indie cut out now via Dance To The Radio. 
Jake Whiskin is a master at delivering delicate and hearfelt pieces of music and Satanic Panic Love Song is no exception. The track opens with a delicate wistful delivery before morphing into a dreamy landscape of serene synths, steady drums, ethereal sounds and rippling guitars, instantly making it a memorable and enthralling listening experience. 
Satanic Panic Love Song is a classic love song that finds Jake fondly remembering the tempestuous early loves of his teenage years. I am very fond od the way the song is quite raw and honest, beautifully showcasing the vulnerability and self-reflection of Jake's songwriting. I am a fan of Jake's gorgeous, wistful vocals which beautifully convey the emotions of the pursuit of love, lust and longing. This is one of those songs that I will be playing several times as I am a sucker for wistful, slow burning indie cuts with smooth vocals, lush guitars and an overall warm, nostalgia-infused atmosphere. Its accompanying music video, shot by Olivia Ferrara, beautifully embodies the song's warmth and enhances the raw emotion and vulnerability of Jake Whiskin's storytelling. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jake Whiskin said,
This started as a classic escapism, boy/girl love song which felt a bit over the top with the drama of the song, so instead I made it kind of tongue in cheek with the Black Magic/Satanic Panic/Black Metal Tee references - to give myself a bit of a laugh mainly. I grew up loving emo, metal and rock so this is a homage to my teenage self in his Cradle of Filth T-shirt and pink vans I guess.