Jake Daniels Shares New Single ‘Drop The Match’

New York-based singer and songwriter Jake Daniels has just shared his brand new single Drop The Match, a groovy piece of alt-pop/dance music out now via Cloud Kid. 
That heavy bassline throughout the song is definitely what got me hooked to the song and I love how it creates somewhat of a funky and feel-good vibe that is incredibly captivating. Jake's smooth, sensual vocals are packed with so much confidence, instantly capturing our attention to his storytelling. Drop The Match is a song about the feelings of anger that come from being betrayed and is wrapped around a memorable blend of alt-pop and dance elements that are packed with a killer beat that creates an overall feel-good, danceable atmosphere. Jake's lush vocals and that funky bass are my favourite elements in the song, getting me super excited to share this upbeat track with you. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Jake Daniels said,
The track is a thriller style, love story where the main character is talking to two people at once. The woman in the story finds out, ties the other to a tree, pours gasoline and sets the other on fire. It’s pretty gruesome and extreme, very messed up like the songs I usually end up writing. However, though the narrative is thriller, soap-opera type of reference, there’s a deeper meaning: the fire is meant to represent the anger humans may feel from betrayal, while the match represents the decision we choose to make moving forward. In this case, she’s so angry, she has to set the other person ablaze. I think that’s how many of us feel if we’re in a similar, messy situation and what we wish we could do when something like this happens to us (even if we don’t do it — and I’m not condoning it, either).”