I Want Poetry Share New Single ‘Solace’

German enigmatic indie duo I Want Poetry, consisting of Tine von Bergen (singer/songwriter) and Till Moritz Moll (pianist/composer), are back with yet another stunning piece of indietronica titled Solace
I can't get enough of Tine von Bergen's lush, siren-esque vocals and haunting harmonies that instantly make the song a memorable and enthralling listening experience. The title track of their upcoming EP, Solace finds singer Tine von Bergen singing about hope and how it surrounds us, we just need to allow ourselves to pause and listen, to let it all in. It shares a message that there is comfort in the swaying of the trees, in the flow of water, in a song, among many other things. 
I am loving the way the song stars quite smoothly, with somewhat of an eerie and hypnotic atmosphere on which Tine von Bergen's enchanting vocals soar effortlessly over. Then the song slowly builds up in tempo with the introduction of a catchy beat, a multi-layered mix of synth rhythms, powerful drums and orchestral strings that give it a cinematic vibe that I find quite captivating. If you're into dreamy and enchanting pieces of cinematic pop/indietronica with hauntingly beautiful vocals and an overall warm atmosphere, then you'll love Solace. Check it out below!