HØVDING Share Debut Single ‘Caught Beneath the Water’

HØVDING, the musical collaboration between 17 year-old artist Nika Jane and her father, Billboard-charting producer Geoff Duncan, have just shared their official debut single Caught Beneath the Water, a dark and cinematic piece of pop music. 
Caught Beneath the Water is the perfect example of HØVDING's unique dark Nordi-inspired cinematic pop sonority which I find quite mysterious and somewhat soothing. I am particularly fond of Nika Jane's haunting vocals which create immersive rhythms and layered atmospheres that enhance the song's cinematic and mysterious touch. Nika Jane's gorgeous harmonies are nicely paired with dynamic and lush soundscapes crafted by steady drums nicely intertwined with acoustic guitar riffs, delicate piano chords and cinematic elements. This is one of those songs that I would find perfect for a movie soundtrack and its warm atmospherics paired with Nika's hauntingly beautiful vocals are quite soothing and perfect for a chill day at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Geoff said,
With ’Caught Beneath The Water’ we wanted something that felt hopeless, and foreboding, and we wanted to feel like calamity and doom was all around. It needed to feel cold and elemental. “Wind on the water, Blood in the well” is the opening line and we wanted it to set the scene like something very dark was unfolding. And even though it’s a dark and serious song, with this heavy undertone, we actually had so much fun writing it and trying to make it as spooky as possible. It was actually hilarious, Nika was all huddled up under her blanket, channeling a character in her mind called ‘Hildegard’ who has this croaky voice, which left us in fits of laughter while we were trying to make this dark song. Such a good time! We loved how it turned out.
Nika added,
Whenever I’m writing a HØVDING song like “Caught Beneath The Water” I picture a mythical scene and I let myself go there in my head. It’s always dark but I love it. It feels comforting to me and I always find a story in there. There’s nothing like that feeling in the real world. I find it fun to dive into the dark and mysterious. In movies growing up I never liked the princes or princesses, I always loved the villains - they were so much more fun.