Hendrix Shares New Single ‘Found My Way To You’

Canadian singer and songwriter Hendrix has just shared her brand new single Found My Way To You, a captivating pop song about a forver kind of love. 
I am really enjoying Hendrix's passionate vocal delivery, especially when we can hear a slight raspy touch that enhances the emotion pouring from her gorgeous vocals which glide beautifully over the warm production. I am particularly fond of the gospel-tinged choir in the chorus and how it gives the song an anthemic touch that I find quite irresistible. I am also really enjoying the lush piano chords that are nicely intertwined with a punchy beat and cool rhythms that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Hendrix said,
Found My Way To You was originally about love, your soulmate. In my soul the song being about a person didn’t click for me, and I couldn’t connect to the beautiful words used in the song. The words in this song is a forever love. One that is true. I had never experienced love to that degree. It wasn’t until I started my healing and self love journey that I discovered that kind of love. I found a relationship with God, and the love God has given me was like no other. The words used in this song is me finding my way to God. When I think of this song I think of a happy face. God