Heidrunna Shares New Single ‘Erasing You’

Iceland’s artist Heidrunna has just shared her brand new single Erasing You, a dreamy piece of indie/electro-pop music out now via Klaka Records. 
Produced by Liam Howe, Erasing You is an iridescent, shimmering piece of electro-pop music that oozes a palpable blend of euphoric eclecticism that is incredibly seductive. I am particularly fond of Heidrunna's magnetic, sweet vocals which infuse the song with somewhat of dreamy and vulnerable touch that is enhanced by its polished production. I am loving the lush, bright synths that are nicely paired with a punchy beat which create an overall feel-good atmosphere. Taken from her upcoming debut album, Melodramatic, Erasing You is a song about commitment and phobia wrapped around a hook-laden electronic production that is guaranteed to get you singing along to it in no time. This is such a memorable and enthralling listening experience perfect to brighten up your day. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Heidrunna said,
I wrote Erasing You while on a writing trip in Sweden. Like a lot of my songs it's about commitment and phobia. The pull and tug of relationships - does he love me or not! The groundhog day and the emotions and tiredness of stopping and starting and deciding that maybe the only way to stop it is to erase everything about that person and never pick up the phone again.