Glitch Project, the Italian alt-pop group, are kicking off their 2022 with their new track, 'NBR,' which will be out on January 13th.

The two-piece female band have been perfecting their skills over the last few years, and with 'NBR,' they've hit a whole new level. The track hooks you right away with an exhilarating beginning, and it is evident that the duo have taken their alt exploration to a new realm. While vocalist Maida smashes it with a vocal performance that rivals the greatest in the game, the beat taps with infectious cadence and the melody route grabs hold of the lugs.

The refrain is as catchy as they come, and the strength of Maida's performance shines through. Similarly, Federica, who is in charge of the music, rises to the challenge with grit and drive, and it pays off!

You can pre-save here.