Geneviève Racette Shares New Single ‘Someone’  ft. Dallas Green

Internationally renowned Québécois singer-songwriter, Geneviève Racette, has just shared her brand new single Someone, a hauntingly beautiful song featuring City and Colour's Dallas Green. 
Taken from her upcoming album Satellite, Someone is Geneviève's most vulnerable song to date and it covers feelings of desire, temptation, fantasy and seduction, and consequently the guilt and shame that comes with it. This is such a raw and honest story which I think many of us can relate to, I sure do. It is beautifully conveyed through a stunning pairing of Geneviève and Dallas Green's smooth, expressive vocals that fit flawlessly together and glide effortlessly over a warm and soothing production. Apart from their gorgeous vocals and harmonies, I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar riffs, delicate piano chords, subtle drum patterns and electric guitar plucks that create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Geneviève Racette said,
Sometimes life throws feelings at you and they’re meant to act as signals. Personally, this was an alarm constantly ringing in my ears telling me my relationship had to end.