Ellee Duke Shares New Single ‘Animal’

American singer and songwriter Ellee Duke has just shared her brand new single Animal, a captivating electro-pop song about being in a toxic relationship. 
Animal is unfortunately a very relatable song as Ellee sings about being in a relationship where she was the one that cared too much and was always forgiving, also allowing the other person to call her too sensitive whenever they were being selfish. Being in a toxic relationship when things aren't balanced and equal, always makes one to overthink and feel like they are the problem. Animal shares a message that one should see that having a big heart is a strength and no one should let you feel otherwise. This message is wrapped around a polished electronic production packed with playful melodies on which Ellee Duke's lush, sultry vocals soar effortlessly over. Have a listen to this catchy song below!


Speaking about the song, Ellee Duke said,

I was in a relationship once where I always felt like I was too much. I cared too much. I was there too much. Too forgiving. Etc etc. Whenever problems arose, they would say the real issue wasn’t that they were a selfish prick, but that I was just too sensitive. 🥲 I started to think I needed to shrink my heart so I could stop getting hurt. But since then I’ve learned that having a big heart isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. And giving my love, time, and energy to someone who weaponizes it against me isn’t someone who is worth any of me.