Ed Geater & Subhi Share New Single ‘Water Raft’

British singer, songwriter, beatboxer and multi-instrumentalist Ed Geater has teamed up with American singer-songwriter Subhi to deliver a lovely new song called Water Raft. 
Out now via Brox Records, Water Raft is a nostalgia-infused piece of folktronica that is centered around their warm, soothing vocals and harmonies. The production of this song is pure gold. I am very fond of the fingerpicked acoustic guitar and how it is followed by stunning duo harmonies, being gradually joined by a memorable electronic beat, lush piano chords and violin strings that create an expansive atmosphere. Water Raft's smooth and enchanting sound evokes themes of nostalgia, heartfelt warmth and tender reminiscence, sounding perfect to play while home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Ed Geater said,

Working with Subhi on this track has been a dream. We get on so well and conversation flows easily, so it didn’t take us long to relate over the themes of love, reminiscence and nostalgia when we first started writing this track as a duo. We are so proud of Water Raft and it holds a special place in our hearts, so we hope people connect with the emotion that we poured into this song together.