Driftwood. Shares New Single ‘Bremfields’ ft. Still Greedy

Australian multi-talented producer, singer-songwriter and music video director Driftwood. has just shared his brand new single Bremfields, a dreamy, somewhat hypnotic piece of Contemporary R&B music. 
For this song Driftwood. teamed up with UK rapper Still Greedy whose smooth and effortless vocal delivery beautifully enhances the song's emotion and hypnotic atmosphere. Bremfields is a future r&b cut about feeling trapped, like you don't belong in a particular place. This message is wrapped around infectious melodies packed with a memorable driving beat, cool electronics and killer bass that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. 
Speaking about the song, Driftwood. said,
It’s about the idea that there could be subterranean energies and other factors operating within other paradigms of consciousness. Its about feeling like I’m trapped within this paradigm and I don’t belong here. The one thing I love about art is I have a license to explore ideas no matter how crazy they may seem. It's fascinating to me that whole genres of music can reside within the confines of 3 concepts and identities.
Its accompanying music video, self-directed by Driftwood., represents the ebb and flow, the push and pull, of energies which are then manifested within the material universe. It features his friends and collaborators, DOP Matt Scott Chow Was, and Ben Covro. Check it out below!



Discussing his process, Driftwood. explains,
my work creates a narrative that treads a line between reality and ethereal paradigms within my imagination. I aim for my art to provoke thought and emotion with my listeners by creating an overall aesthetic, where the music and visual components work together as one unique artistic piece, in essence creating an online gallery that will stimulate the senses. I don’t believe in describing narratives and storylines but instead prefer the viewers to use their own abstract intelligence to digest and interpret it for them for themselves.