DBMK Share New Single ‘Chains’

DBMK - the Nashville-based alt-pop/rock project of Kyle Knudsen (vocals) and Colton Ward (drums) - have just shared their brand new single Chains, a high-energy piece of alt-pop music. 
I am really enjoying Kyle Knudsen's gorgeous, expressive vocals which instantly infuse a memorable dose of emotion to the upbeat production. Chains is a song that shares a message of hope for a generation who feel like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. It's a song that encourages the listeners to life live to its fullest and have fun while doing so. This positive message is wrapped around an eclectic alt-pop production packed with soaring, energetic guitar riffs nicely intertwined with bright synths and punchy percussion that create an overall feel-good, somewhat anthemic, atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, DBMK said,

We’re a generation facing what feels like another apocalypse at the start of every day and live on the cliche ‘we’re here not for a long time, but a good time,’. But while this may be true, we don’t have to spend that time alone and we can even dress up and make it a party along the way.