Conner Pearl Shares New Single ‘Gone With Grace’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Conner Pearl has just shared his brand new single Gone With Grace, an emotional pop ballad. 
I am really enjoying his passionate and emotional vocal delivery which instantly connects the listeners to his broken-hearted storytelling. Gone With Grace shows a raw and personal side of the artist and I love how honest his songwriting is, making us truly relate to what he is singing. This is a song about being broken-hearted after the end of a relationship, blaming yourself for causing its demise until you finally come to terms that you did all you could but it just wasn't meant to be. This message is wrapped around a piano-based melody that beautifully enhances the emotion of his storytelling while creating a warm and intimate atmosphere that I really like. I am a sucker for piano-based songs with touches of melancholia and raw, honest emotion and I am glad to share this gem with you. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Conner Pearl,
“Gone With Grace” happened one night when I sat down at my piano and let myself cry. I had been feeling really guilty about all the things that I could have done that caused a relationship to end, blaming myself for causing its demise. But by writing this song, I was able to finally come to terms with the fact that I had tried my best to reconcile the relationship, while this person chose to ignore my texts and throw me out of their life without an explanation. After I wrote the song, I realized feeling abandoned by someone you cared about is really a universal feeling that anyone can relate to. Even though I am nervous about releasing this song because of how raw and personal it is, I need it out in the world.