Chris Goma Shares New Single ‘Get By’

Chris Goma, the moniker of American-born Canadian singer-songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Christopher Ryangoma Tabaro, has just shared his brand new single Get By, a dreamy piece of indie-r&b music. 
Taken from his new EP FREEDOM, Get By is a stunning song that beautifully showcases Chris Goma's powerhouse, soulful vocals and honest, relatable lyricism. I am really loving the way his soulful vocals are packed with so much emotion, instantly making us feel each and every single word he is singing. Apart from his vocals, what I love the most about the song has to be the cool guitar strums throughout the song which set the tone for a warm listening experience, being then joined with lush, cinematic strings that give the song a classic and timeless appeal that I find incredibly captivating. The guitar solo is impeccable and the whole atmosphere of the song is very warm and intimate, sounding perfect for those relaxing days home alone with one's thoughts. Check out this gem below!