Charles Fauna Shares New Single ‘Diner’

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, producer Charles Fauna has just shared his brand new single Diner, a super smooth piece of indie electronic music. 
I am loving Charles Fauna's smooth, soothing vocals and ethereal-like harmonies that glide beautifully over a polished electronic production. Diner is a melancholia-infused piece of music that tells the story of a teenage girl whose mother is absent and her father withdraws from her. Feeling alone, the teenage girl decides she must move on, leave her childhood home and venture forth to create a new family of her own. This powerful storytelling is wrapped around a dreamy electronic production packed with steady percussion that is nicely intertwined with subtle guitar riffs, delicate piano keys and warm atmospherics that create an overall melancholic, somewhat nostalgic, atmosphere that makes it perfect for those long night drives. Check it out below!