Callmegulliver Shares New Single ‘Love Like This’ ft. Jay Cherr

Callmegulliver, the moniker of Toronto-based artist, producer and songwriter Gerson Archila, has just shared his brand new single Love Like This, the third single to be taken from his debut EP, 50 Gulliver Road
I am really enjoying the song's warm, chill vibes and how it sounds perfect to be the soundtrack of a relaxing weekend out with friend or a special someone. For this song, Callmegulliver teamed up with fellow singer and guitarist Jay Cherr whose lovely vocals give the song an extra dose of soul, contrasting beautifully with Callmegulliver's distinctive tone. I am also very fond of Jay's guitar solo at the end of the song which really ties things really well. The guitar riffs throughout the song are definitely my favourite element of the song and they are nicely paired with a steady beat and cool electronics that make this quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. If you're into chill blends of rap with pop sensibilities, warm vocals and lush guitar works, then you'll love Love Like This. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Callmegulliver said,
I wrote this song as a form of getting closure with my last relationship. This song explores the theme of closure from 2 perspectives. The first is from the perspective of seeing that person whom you’ve wanted closure from for so long in person, face to face, the first verse explores what that conversation could have looked like. The second is from the perspective of giving someone closure from a distance, as if they were reading this on a postcard (who still sends postcards right lol?), with the conversation going a whole different direction. The point here is that in person it’s a lot harder to not cave into immediate emotions and feelings, where as from a distance one can properly access a situation and make a decision from there... this is what I learned from the journey of making this song.