Anna Baldree Shares New Single ‘Final Girl’

American singer and songwriter Anna Baldree has just shared her brand new single Final Girl, a dreamy, atmospheric, guitar-driven song about unrequited love. 
I am really enjoying Anna Baldree's smooth, dreamy vocal delivery which instantly set the tone for a warm, chilled out piece of music. Anna's lovely vocals beautifully convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling, showing that sometimes it's easier to romanticize the idea of someone, than actually meeting that person you have a crush on, as you fear it may turn out to be a disappointment. This sotrytelling is wrapped around a lovely indie-pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs nicely paired with steady percussion, beautifully building up with energy as the song concludes. Final Girl is one of those songs perfect for a relaxing day home alone and you can check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Anna Baldree said, I wrote Final Girl about this person I had hyped up in my mind and just romanticized to the point of no return. I really did have a dream they were a serial killer and woke up with this sense of clarity about the whole situation: Pining can be easier than actually getting to know someone, and it stays perfect in my head, as opposed to having the real thing only for it to be a disappointment.