Vanessa Hillman Shares New Single ‘Tongue Tied’

Canadian songstress Vanessa Hillman has just shared her brand new single Tongue Tied, a chilled out piece of Pop music with fierce R&B elements throughout.
I am very fond of Vanessa Hillman's rich, soulful vocals which instantly drew my attention to her relatable storytelling and beautifully infuse the song with a memorable dose of soul and emotion. Tongue Tied is a song about being so into someone that it's like you're hypnotised, willing to go along with anything they want. This message is wrapped around a warm Pop/R&B production packed with lush guitar riffs nicely paired with a killer beat that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for thise relaxing weekends. Check it out below!



Sharing her thoughts on the new release, Vanessa explains,
Tongue Tied is about being so into someone that you're reckless. You're hypnotized to go along with anything even when you know better.