Tall Heights Share New Single ‘Raindrop’

Massachusetts indie duo Tall Heights, consisting of artists Paul Wright and Tim Harrington, have just shared their brand new single Raindrop, a dreamy piece of folk-infused indie pop music. 
Taken from their upcoming album Juniors, set to arrive on January 14th, Raindrop is a song about seizing control of one's own emotional journey. I am loving their gorgeous, dreamy harmonies and how they instantly infuse the song with a vulnerable and emotional touch. Apart from their vocals I am very fond of the polished production which is packed with stunning guitar plucks nicely intertwined with lush cello strings and punchy percussion. This is one of those songs perfect for those introspective days home alone mostly thanks to its warm and emotional atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tall Heights said it is,
about seizing control of one's own emotional journey. Outsiders often assume our lifestyles as "touring musicians" exist categorically at odds with our more important roles at home. We've all seen the movies, and although it's true that life on the road is inherently laced with a certain recklessness and impulsivity, we believe it doesn't have to be a fickle existence. Human feelings, as involuntary and potentially inconvenient as they may present, are like sourdough starter: if nurtured they will grow, but you don't always have to sprinkle flour on it.