Subterranean Street Society Share New Single ‘It’s Me Babe’

Danish-Dutch trio Subterranean Street Society, consisting of Louis Puggaard-Müller (Vocals/Guitar), Ivo Johan Schot (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) and Joost Koevoets (Drums/Tape noise/Vocals), have just shared their brand new single It's Me Babe, a folk-tinged piece of indie-pop music.
I am really enjoying the warm, passionate vocals and haunting harmonies which instantly set an emotional tone to the song. It's Me Babe is a melancholy-infused song about the beginning and possible ending of a relationship wrapped around a polished, atmospheric indie-pop production packed with gorgeous guitar melodies nicely intertwined with subtle piano keys, lush harmonies, memorable drum patterns and cool rhythms that create an overall warm and emotive atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, the trio said,
The lyrics of this song are a detailed description of the beginning and the possible ending of a relationship. It’s all occurring in Amsterdam. A song was written like a diary, about a personal account of how old love in a different part of the city was in the way of new love blossoming.