RØSES Shares New Single ‘Creatures’

US based, British singer-songwriter RØSES has just shared her brand new single Creatures, a gorgeous piece of electro-pop music. 
I am really enjoying RØSES' lovely, delicate vocals which instantly infuse the song with a dreamy and vulnerable touch. I am loving how her vocals are nicely backed by a polished electronic production packed with lush, expansive synths nicely intertwined with catchy percussion that create an overall warm and dreamy atmosphere perfect for a laid-back day home alone with one's thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, RØSES said,
I had no idea someone so young and in so much pain could be so kind, loving, mature, and nurturing. If it weren’t for the thick, band-like scars that covered most of their arms and legs, you would never have been able to tell anything was going on. They put others way before themselves, and were a pillar in their community. They were my friend, and I loved them very much. 
“The dark” can mean a lot of things - death, the unknown, the unfamiliar. In any case, it takes a *lot* for a person to just abandon their life and escape to it. Meanwhile, the instigators of such pain act clueless, tearfully soliciting sympathy from a world that has no idea what this person is truly capable of.