Petticoat Shares New Single ‘Here With You’

Petticoat, the moniker of American singer, songwriter and producer David Halsey, has just shared his brand new single Here With You, the latest single to be taken from his forthcoming sophomore EP Tumbleweed! 
I am really enjoying Petticoat's smooth, confident vocals and how they effortlessly draw the listener's attention to his relatable storytelling. Here With You is a song about the duality of interpersonal relationships and is wrapped around a polished pop production that got me hooked right from the start. As soon as I heard the bright, shimmering synths I knew I was going to love this song. The lush synths are beautifully paired with delicate atmospheres, warm rhythms and memorable melodies all glossed in an 80s sheen that gives it a cool retro touch. This is one of those songs perfect for a relaxing day home alone with my own thoughts. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Petticoat said,
“Here With You” is an anthemic song on the duality of interpersonal relationships. It's about a period in my life when I was with someone I deeply cared for, but I saw the worst of myself reflected in the day-to-day life with them. My jealousy, envy, and insecurity were almost like an intermediate third in the relationship. The narrative is addressing the other person — telling them that I’m battling my own expectations, but I’m still happy you’re here with me.