Pat Byrne Shares New Single ‘Only a Man’

Irish singer and songwriter Pat Byrne has just shared his brand new single Only a Man, a rich piece of Folk/Americana music about feeling inadequate. 
I am loving his gritty, raspy vocals and how passionate his vocal delivery is, which is packed with so much raw emotion, instantly connecting us to his relatable storytelling. Only a Man is a song about those low moments in life that are so crushing that you wish you were something else that didn't experience the highs and lows we all feel. Pat Byrne singls about being in love with someone who has fallen out of love with him, and he wishes he could be less than human so that he wouldn't have to feel pain. He simultaneously wishes he could be so much more than just a man so that he could win her back. 

This honest storytelling is wrapped around a memorable Folk and Americana production packed with lush strings nicely intertwined with delicate, emotive piano chords and cool guitar melodies that create an overall warm and intimate atmosphere for his gorgeous vocals to soar. Check it out below!