PAENDA Shares New Single ‘Run To You’

Austrian singer, musician and producer PAENDA has just shared her brand new single Run To You, a chill piece of Pop/EDM out now via Sick Kick Records. 
I am loving PAENDA's smooth, expressive vocals and how they are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting us to her storytelling. Run To You is a sort of anthem for millennials incapable of relationships as it portrays a relationship, shaped by FOMO, that is characterised by insecurity, jealousy and withdrawnness. I am very fond of the touch of soul that pours from PAENDA's vocals which are nicely backed by a memorable electro-pop production packed with catchy hooks and beat that are nicely intertwined with lush, expansive synths which create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, PAENDA said,
Even when we're in a happy relationship, we often have the feeling that there are tons of other alternatives out there to the person who is sitting in front of me. Many of us then find it difficult not to have the feeling that we are missing out on something. Conversely, it is difficult to have a relationship with someone in which you feel replaceable on a constant level.