MIXIE Shares Debut Single ‘Run Away’

American model, fashion designer, singer and songwriter MIXIE has just shared her official debut single Run Away, an upbeat indie/electro-pop cut produced by Yoshi Flower. 
I am really enjoying MIXIE's confident vocals and how the song beautifully pairs modern pop-sensibilities with MIXIE's low key, devil-may-care attitude. Run Away is a relatable song about realising that you should know better but you can't seem to stop doing certain things. "I know I shouldn't chase money...I know I shouldn't chase girls" is repeated throughout the track as a mantra and is guaranteed to get you singing along to it in no time. In this song MIXIE also showcases her rap skills which are quite smooth and effortless, making the song stand out even more. This is a cool song perfect to get you in a good mood and ready for the weekend. Check it out below!