Mat Hunsley Shares New Single ‘Rambling’

British singer and songwriter Mat Hunsley has just shared his brand new single Rambling, a captivating indie-folk song. 
I am loving his smooth, expressive vocals which glide naturally over the warm production, beautifully conveying the listener to his storytelling. His most accomplished and relatable release to date, Rambling is one of those songs I'd listen when going through an introspective day home alone. I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar plucks throughout the song and how they are nicely paired with steady percussion and memorable electric guitar riffs that create an overall warm, laid-back atmosphere perfect for those cold, rainy days at home. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Mat Hunsley said,
‘Rambling was a labour of love. Recently I found a voice memo of me sketchily playing the main acoustic guitar riff that dates back to 2018. It's just a loop of 4 finger-picked chords and me mumbling the refrain 'I am Rambling'….I don’t think I’ve ever written a lyric so to the point. It was another 2 years before I sat down with any real gusto and started building Rambling into something resembling the song you hear today. I love this song though. It feels like my most accomplished and relatable release to date. It’s a pleasure to finally share it with you all.’