LZRD Shares New Single ‘When We Love’ ft. Sam Tinnesz

LZRD, the moniker of Virginia-based producer Keenan Haan, has just shared his brand new single When We Love, an uplifting piece of electronic music out now via Kess Records. 
The official song in "The Hating Game" movie trailer (And also already been placed on HBO's F-Boy Island), When We Love features Nashville-based singer and songwriter Sam Tinnesz, whose lush, passionate vocal delivery effortlessly infuses a memorable dose of emotion to the upbeat production. This is a song about the power of love in a relationship and how being in a loving relationship can make you feel like you can conquer the world. This ode to love is wrapped around infectious Future Bass/EDM melodies that create an overall upbeat and euphoric atmosphere. Check it out below!